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Family and pets are synonymous for me. I have a great love for animals that has driven me to work as kennel tech, vet tech, sitter, boarder, trainer, groomer, rescue, and nutritionist. I work from home, making fresh human grade pet foods, training pets, and grooming/sitting.

Our goal is to help pet parents keep their happiest, healthiest furbabies. Any pup that spends time here will be spending time with our family: my husband, daughter(6yrs), and me, as well as 4 dogs, 3 ferrets, and 1 cat.

We offer the three most important building blocks in a pet’s life: Nutrition, Training, Grooming. For our human companions, we offer custom pet care solutions like limited private puppy daycare, boarding, and sitting services with available pick-up and return.

The role pets play in our lives is ever growing. The saying "Pets are family" is truer today than anyone ever thought it would be. We want them to live longer, happier, healthier lives. If we give them the best, we can give that to them! Research is at our fingertips! Always know what your pet needs, how your pet is being treated, and who is working with your pets. Trust, love, and communication are the best ingredients for a strong family foundation!

Homemade Dog Food

Home Delivery, Monthly Subscriptions, Affordability

  • 4 Years Feeding Atlanta Puppies with No Recalls!
  • Fresh Whole Food Pet Nutrition
  • Fresh Human Grade Ingredients
  • Veterinarian Complete and Balanced
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Corn, Grain, Legume, Potato Free
  • No Dyes, Preservatives, Meals, Artificial Vitamins
  • Georgia Made, Smyrna Local
  • Customizable for Allergy and Veterinary Needs

Do You Know What’s in Your Dog’s Food?

Ever wondered how, where, or when your pet's food is made? How about what goes into your pet's food? I put 15 years into finding answers to those exact questions for my own pups before I started feeding Atlanta puppies. I found that, though the "big bag" companies are convenient in their presentation and availability, they do not actually feed our pets properly.

Your Dog Food Could be Causing Your Dog Issues

These pet feeds are the main reason our pets develop issues with proteins, skin issues, cancers, and (more and more these days) death. This is due to the quality of ingredients commercial feed companies are allowed to use, and the dishonesty they are allowed to visit on their consumers (you and your pets). Before I became a pet food manufacturer, I was a consumer like you.

In my research, I found Susan Thixton, author of Buyer Beware, and co-author of Dinner Pawsible. She is your advocate! Her website is She fights for you and your pets and works hard to educate consumers. Her site is an excellent education tool for anyone interested in learning about their pets, pet food, recalls, regulations, and much more.

Also Check out Dr. Cathy Alinovi's site Dr. Alinovi is the veterinarian who started the Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers Association and is the other co-author of Dinner Pawsible. Both women are in the documentary "Pet Fooled", an eye-opening look at pet feeds today. Food or feed? Can you tell the difference? I urge everyone to know what you're feeding!

In this day and age, most walk into a pet feed chain store, buy a bag of feed off the shelf and never think twice due to the popularity, convenience, and overwhelming amount of advertising. Much of this advertising in very misleading, making the consumer believe they are feeding better foods.

Despite popular belief, hard, extruded kibble doesn't do anything for teeth that fresh bones and good chew toys don't take care of. If we take a harder look at commercial feeds, past the "candy shell" we see over processed pet feeds that are made with questionable, rotten, and inedible ingredients, treated with chemicals, pesticides, and fake vitamins. It expands in the stomach, and pulls excessive amounts of water from the kidneys, liver, and digestive tract.

Many "big bag" feed companies claim ancestral diets, but big bag feeds start with old, rotten, or inedible ingredients. They make these feeds up to a whole year before they come to stores, and they can spend up to another year in the storage room before your pet sinks their teeth into it. By the time the feed goes through all the processing and storage there really isn't much resemblance to what wolves eat.

We believe pets should be fed a species appropriate diet, but what does this mean for our pets? Because of the domesticated dog’s close relationship with wolves, Commercial Feed companies have loosely modeled their feeds after a wolf diet, and deceptively call it the "Ancestral Diet".

How Our Dog Food is Different

My recipes were 15 years in the making and are a logical adaptation of 49,000 years of pet and human cohabitation. Our foods have been formulated from fresh human grade ingredients, are complete and balanced for all life stages, and are veterinary recommended. We were excited to work with Dr. Cathy Alinovi, DMV, to make sure our foods are complete and balanced. We were truly honored to gain her veterinary recommendation as a result!

If it isn't fit for our table, it doesn't go into our pet food. Everything is prepared in our kitchen with fresh whole food ingredients and comes to your pup within two weeks of being made.

We don't use fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dyes, preservatives, meals, by products, or large amounts of veggies. 85% of ingredient weight is made up of animal proteins.

Small batches are made daily. Human grade ingredients are visually checked as they are purchased at the local Farmer's Market, again as we prep ingredients for our stew pots and dehydrators, and a third time as we package our foods by hand. You can feed Natural Gems dry, or rehydrate with water, broth, or goats milk.

We don't recommend vegan or largely plant based feeds in our carnivorous pets’ diets. Plant proteins are incomplete proteins, and carnivorous systems are not made to break them down. Meaning there isn't enough bio- available protein in plant-based feeds. Even though these feeds CAN and DO claim high protein, they shouldn't. Our pups don't get the required amount of animal protein to provide the amino acids they need for the development of healthy organs, like the heart. In this way, the practice of using pea proteins and potato starches is the culprit of the recent rash of DCM diagnosis and concern over "grain free".

Our foods are grain free but contain the proper amount of bioavailable animal protein to truly provide complete and balanced nutrition.

I work to keep our recipes simple, complete and balanced, and biologically appropriate for your pets. The easier it is to digest, the more nutrition our pets can get from their foods. Our foods are completely customizable for those with allergies, or picky taste buds! We use only the freshest, human grade ingredients, and deliver only the freshest, highest quality pet foods to your door. Know exactly what you are feeding! It can save you thousands of dollars, and your pets life!

Dog Training

Natural Dogmanship...

Trainers say this training form is all about learning the language of your dogs! While I pull from different training methods for every individual, Natural Dogmanship is my foundation. I work with families and their furbabies on the premise of teaching communication. Each and every one of us communicates differently. To me, natural dogmanship is more than just training. It is striving for a balanced, well rounded furchild. I believe the three most important building blocks for well-rounded children are Nutrition, Training, and Grooming.

Training has long been viewed as us (the human) teaching our animals what we want them to be. This is actually a little backwards. If we change our view and accept that training is human and companion animal working and learning together, it paves the way to better communication and trust. Successful training is not about dominance and should not involve fear or pain. These tactics can lead to aggressive behaviors, and fearful reactions that, left unaddressed, can be very dangerous.

Training centered on trust, love, and communication builds confidence in our furbabies and in ourselves and helps to build happy pet partnerships.


Grooming is a much-loved hobby of 10 years for me. My husband has been training in grooming for a year now. This is just as much about trust and love as training. Peter and I slow way down and communicate with pets to help provide a stress free, happy groom for your pet.

We are not motivated by time or money to rush one client out, and another one in. This greatly reduces the risk of injury such as snipping ears or tongues. We work at your home, and hope you hang around to watch, at least the first time or so. We feel it is important to know how your pup is being treated through all of our services.

Pet Sitting

We are offering dog boarding (in our home), dog day care, pet sitting visits in your home and dog walks.

  • Oral Medication Administration
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Special Needs Dog Experience
  • Injected Medication Administration
  • Senior Dog Experience
  • Can provide daily exercise

Special Skills

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