Hello! I must first start by saying, the picture is not us! I am still figuring out photos!


I am Chelsea, and pets are my passion! I have involved myself in them since I was a young girl. Communication with them, and understanding how their minds and bodies work comes naturally for me. I've spent 15 years personally studying Veterinary Specialists like Dr. Cathy Alinovi, Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Marty Goldstien, and pet food consumer advocate Susan Thixton. Susan is here for you guys! Check her out at www.truthaboutpetfood.com

Dr. Alinovi founded the Next Generation Pet Food Manufacturers' Association, of which, we have been proud members for almost 3 years! She is working hard to offer reliable healthy real food options for your furfamily! Check it out at www.ngpfma.com

   I didn't choose pet food, so much as found my way into it. I started as a curious consumer. There were so many choices and options! Each one saying "I'm the best!" But, the underlying message was always "You can't feed your own pet!" "There's no way a consumer can properly feed their dog!" So that's what I set out to find. Can we in fact feed our own dogs? I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! Commercial pet food is wholly convenience based, much like our fast food restaurants! If you can feed your self, or your children fresh whole foods, you can feed your pet! Specially now, when we have the internet at our disposal! My furbabies get a combination right now. Fresh raw, fresh stew, sometimes single protein, sometimes multiple protein. Something different all the time. Why?

   This is how they were designed to eat! My "Rules of Paw" are 1) 80 - 90 % animal protein, 10 -20 %  veg/fruit for dogs. 2) 90 -95 % animal protein, 5 - 10 % veg for cats. My own pets get 40 - 60% organ meats as these are rich in vitamins and minerals.

   The variable diet offers the ability to provide different nutrients and vitamins in fresh natural form. But, if you want to supplement, just to be sure you don't miss any thing, www.naturesfarmacy.com! I've used them with dogs, horses, and even myself for many years! 

     I encourage every pet owner to know their pet, how to truly feed them, what they are truly eating. Whether you are making an order, or looking for more info to make your own pet food, I am here to help! Listed with all of our ingredients is vitamins and minerals they provide. If we do not have listed an ingredient you want, or you have any questions, contact us. We will do our best to find it for you!