•        Nutrition Policies 


    • All ingredients are human grade. We purchase them from local fresh and farmers markets such as Austell International Farmers Market, Nam de Mun, City Farmers Market.

    • Some digestive upset may take place with the change to our foods. There is normally no upset switching proteins in our foods. However, some pups are very sensitive and will have upset with slight changes.

    • Food is made in a kitchen on food safe equipment.


    • Our only preservative is dehydration, cooking, or freezing.


    • Should owner choose a vegetarian diet, or meat only diet, owner takes responsibility for any health issues as this is not and never will be a true balanced diet.

    • Owners who choose raw packs, or raw only recognise the risks of foodborne illness for their pets is the same as with human foods. Raw is ground and promptly frozen. They will come to you frozen. Please keep them frozen until day of consumption, and handle them as you would your own raw foods. We can not be held responsible for raw product after it leaves our possession. Raw product will not be left at the door. 

    • Your order will have one label with date your order was made, ingredients, and amounts.

    • Food leaves our facility no more than 5 days after being made.

    • We prepare and package owner agreed amounts. Orders are automatically packed by the day. By the meal packaging is available for a fee. 

    • Owner is responsible for ensuring pet is receiving enough food, and notifying us should they need more in their meals.

    • Owner selects delivery interval and location. Thursday is delivery day. We recommend every 1-2 weeks, but you can choose up to 1 month at a delivery.

    • Due to the hand-made and often custom nature of our foods  we do not give refunds on foods. We will happily replace any meal.

    • You can choose to change or add to your pets recipe by letting us know one week in advance. Customization prices vary due to price of materials. 

    • Custom orders will not come with guaranteed analysis. You can order one. The cost is $125, and you will receive it one week after it is ordered.

    • Our packing methods give our clients a visual warning if the food is bad. Do not feed if bags have puffed or expanded with air. Send us a picture. Toss it out, and we will replace them before you run out.

    • In the event of cancellation, you agree to give one month notice for cancellation. Simply let us know when you pay for your order that you do not wish to renew the next month.